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Lice Remedies

There are lots of lice remedies that are natural and can be made with ingredients found right in your own kitchen. However, lots of these lice remedies always come under attack by critics who say that they're simply not effective. One of these lice remedies is using vinegar to get rid of lice. Truthfully, vinegar won't get rid of all lice, so there are some things to know about using it to make sure that it's effective.

Things to Know About Vinegar Lice Remedies

  • Vinegar will not kill adult lice.
  • Vinegar will kill nits. This is encouraging since the usual lice remedies don't have any effect on nits.

How to Use Vinegar as a Lice Remedy:

If you have already gotten rid of lice, or have seen nits in your hair or your child's hair, here's how you can use vinegar as a lice remedy.

  • Instruct your child to close their eyes and lean back into a tub or sink. Make sure that when you wash their hair, the liquid will run away from their eyes. This is especially important since you will be using vinegar which can be extremely painful and can even cause damage to eyes.
  • Wash the hair using the vinegar just as you would a shampoo. Make sure to really massage it into the hair and scalp, as nits will adhere to hair shafts.
  • Thoroughly rinse out the vinegar from your childs hair and allow to dry.
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