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Lice Prevention

Nobody wants to deal with the challenge of getting rid of lice once you or your child has become infested with them. Lice prevention tactics are a great tool for making sure that you never have to spend hours with that nit and lice comb; and there are some really simple things you can do with things you might already have around your home.

Tools Need for Lice Prevention

There are only a few things you'll need for good lice prevention. These are:

  • Your regular bottle of shampoo
  • One small bottle Tea Tree Oil
  • One spray bottle

How to Mix and Apply Lice Prevention Shampoo

Follow these simple steps to make yourself your own lice prevention concoction:

  • Start by mixing 12 - 14 drops of tea tree oil into your regular shampoo. Mix thoroughly and wash hair regularly using this shampoo.
  • Also place some of the tea tree oil into a small spray bottle. Lightly mist hair once a day with this and comb through hair.

These methods are very effective in lice prevention because lice hate tea tree oil. A child can be treated with the tea tree oil after getting rid of an infestation, and other family members in the home can also use these lice prevention methods to ensure that they don't also become infested. They can also be used before a child starts a new school year, daycare or nursery school, as these are often places with lots of children, which could mean lots of lice infestations.

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